A Guide to Eggless Sweets and Treats

Not a lot of people find it easy to make the vegan switch, most especially if they are letting go of their favorite food. For those who have no idea what food to avoid when on a vegan diet, they include poultry, dairy, eggs, meat, and seafood and fish. The thing about favorite foods and people is that most of them include these food options that the vegan diet avoids. That is why you see a lot of people who are still planning on having a vegan diet who are having a hard time making the switch and missing out on their favorite foods. Even if there are some food options that you would have to avoid as a vegan, you will be surprised to know that you still have a lot of food options left. When it comes to going vegan, you have to understand that you still have a variety of food choices to consume and most of them still taste great.

Now, what about desserts and treats? For a lot of desserts that you use to consume when you were not yet vegan, they were comprised of dairy and eggs. If you become vegan, you are not able to consume these desserts with eggs anymore but more of desserts without this key ingredient and some dairy. For those who still want to satisfy their sweet tooth despite going vegan, there are vegan dessert options for you. View here in this homepage for some basic facts about eggless desserts that you need to know.

What you used to eat as an omnivore is very much the same as you become a vegan, with just a few minor exceptions. For example, marshmallows should be made of anything aside from gelatin and ice cream must have no presence of cream. Additionally, for desserts with egg whites as base, a different approach should be taken like in making lemon meringue pie and macaroons. If you go to an eggless dessert bakery, you will see that you still have a lot of sweets and treats to choose from.

A popular eggless option chosen by vegans who still love to consume a tasty dessert is a cake. Usually, eggs are replaced with another product that is a light end to create the cake. For the most part, when eggs are removed from the cakes, they become dense. But then, you can expect expert bakeries to work well with the process by substituting eggs accordingly.

If you are looking for other eggless desserts, cookies are another option. For cookies, instead of butter, oil or a butter substitute that is dairy-free must be used. The choice of puddings as dessert for vegans is also a good idea. Tapioca pudding, for instance, can be made without the presence of coconut milk.

Fruit pies are another vegan dessert option that you can consider. To create this dessert, the use of oil or vegetable shortening is done than the use of lard or butter for the crust. Vegan frozen desserts are another great option.

Truly, even as a vegan, you have a lot of dessert options in front you. Just make sure to select the most fitting bakery for your vegan dessert needs.
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