A Guide to MacBook Hacks

Many MacBook users see the straightforwardness of its operating system as a drawback to then. There are no fun ways to customize or improve your experience using your MacBook since it is not susceptible to hacking. But the truth is that there are many MacBook hacks that you can use to make your macOS computer more streamlined. Here are some of the features of you MacBook that you should know about.

Most computers dont offer emoji keyboards. But the Mac does. You MacOS native emoji keyboard will appear by simply clicking command+control+space. This makes things you do on your Mac a bit stylish.

When it is difficult to see the white based colors of Macs application used in the UI, you can invert the colors to make it a little easier on your eyes. Simply click command+option+control+8 and it will immediately invert the colors of your screen. It is easy to bring back its original colors without an experts help. A simple repetition of the command can bring the original color back.

Dragging and dropping into your Macs trashcan can be made simpler. By hitting command+delete you can immediately send highlighted items to the trash can fast. This will automatically send it to the garbage without dragging.

If you need special characters, it is very easy to access. These are characters like in the work Pina colada where the n needs a special character on top. If you hold down the key that needs the special accent, the you will be presented with variations of the key that you can choose from.

Sharing sometime in social media can be done quickly with your MacBook hack. If you make your message in a notepad, highlight it and then right click, you can choose share in the options given. You can share your message in Twitter, Facebook, email , or I Messages.

You can easily get the meaning of a highlighted work by pressing control+command+D. You will receive a dictionary pop up which contains the definition of the term you highlighted.

It is very possible to lose track of several open windows on your computer. If you press control+Up Arrow, then the screen will display all of your open windows. You simply need to click on the item if you want to access one of your open windows.

Booting your Mac makes a loud droning sound and if you dont want to hear then then press down the power button while holding the mute key. Your Mac book will boot up without making noise.

If you want to remove the blaring noise when you change the volume of your computer, you simply need to hold down the shift key while changing the volume.

You can have a more flexible and more fun to use MacBook fi you learn these hacks.

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