Advantageous of Drug Testing

It is not only in lab analysis that instant drug testing is done. This is because after doing the tests the results come very fast. Drug testing benefits workplaces for the sole reason of when an employee gets injured in his line of duty. This is because the results should show whether the employee had used an illegal drug causing him to be negligent and cause the accident. Instant drug testing is used in programs of drug treatment where the program establishes if any of the employees were not true about the misuse of illegal drugs. Moreover, it normally checks on the people who are on probation for illegal drug use.

Drug testing can be done in several methods, but the one that is used commonly is the urine drug test. In the drug testing a person’s urine is screened with the emphasis being on urine metabolites but not particularly for any drug. If metabolites are found in their urine then they have used the drug. While doing drug tests you can do this by testing sweat, saliva, hair and blood etc.

In most labs the drug testing is done in a cost-effective, professional and convenient way. You get served in about 15 minutes meaning there are no long waits further your results are given to in 24 to 48 hours. Labs do welcome walk-ins. Most labs provide superior testing; further doctors do not do the tests because the labs have staff workers who are helpful, certified, fully trained and experienced.

Apart for testing for illegal drugs, the specs can also be used to test for alcohol consumption. There are gadgets that are used to instantly test for alcohol which uses the person’s breath to decide the content of alcohol they have in their blood. By using alcohol strips the urine and blood tests are doubled up to test for alcohol in the blood. The strips are inserted in the mouth determine if the individual has taken alcohol. Detection period is the time which a drug can be detected but the periods vary with every illegal drug because drugs are absorbed in different interval into the body.

Cannabis can be seen in the urine even after 30 days of inhaling it, and it is due to the fat cells in a human body that take time to purge. Cocaine is a substance that is water-soluble so within 72 hours this substance gets out of the body. Instant drug testing does not simplify job acquisition further it inhibits employers from compensating workers for negligent accidents because the worker was under any influence of illegal drugs.

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