Arguments That Support Cannabis Use Should Not Be Legalized.

The question of whether to allow people to take marijuana freely or burn the use of the plant. There are countries that have already legalized the drug claiming it has immense health benefits. On the other hand, some countries still stand by the truth that the drug is harmful just like all the other hard drugs. There has been an endless argument about the topic with each states having their own opinion about the issue. Consumption of marijuana is associated with various side effects.

Various arguments have proved that marijuana is not safe for human consumption. The drug is considered as a hard drug. Even after the various researches that have been conducted on cannabis, that have proved that cannabis has much importance. There are also other studies that verify that marijuana does not have health benefits. The other negative result of cannabis is that they make people climb up the ladder and start taking hard drugs. This is because these drugs are mostly bought in the same places. The impacts of the drugs is almost the same. An aspect that makes some countries refuse to accept the drug because it is taken through smoking. Any smoke is known to have an adverse effect in the human body. Intake of marijuana smoke for a long time can lung problems.

Just like other drugs cannabis makes people unable to stop. Any product that makes people crave for it is not good. It makes people unable to do anything without the drugs. Cannabis use can lead to problems related to the mind. Cannabis has the component that makes people feel very high. Intake of THC components for an extended time can lead to mental conditions such as paranoia. It can also lead to other health issues like hallucinations. Studies show that cannabis is usually mainly taken by people that are not well behaved. This shows that indeed cannabis harms the brain. These are because street people can get the confidence to be able to engage in this issue. The last reason is because cannabis use s not accepted by the law. As long as the government is against the use of these drug shows they have a good reason. Considering the government has to reject taxes from the cannabis. Then this shows that cannabis consumption is Not safe at all. For these reasons many governments are against the use of cannabis and has given arrest on people that are found selling cannabis .

The above points explain why cannabis consumption is not healthy. despite of many states legalizing the use of cannabis. The issue has remained as fallacies that do not have proves.