Benefits of Therapeutic Massage Therapy

For those new to massage, therapeutic massage therapy encompasses a wide and impressive range of methods to ensure that the human body and mind are rejuvenated. Ranging from Swedish massage to deep tissue massage, a massage aficionado will be in for a real treat. What we can all agree on is that therapeutic massage therapy is a powerful tool that can make you take charge of the well being of both your physical and mental health. Maybe you have never tried massage so you are wondering what all the hullaballoo is about. To start us off, here are a few vital benefits of therapeutic massage therapy.

We all know that the first and most known benefit of therapeutic massage therapy is inducing relaxation. Did you know that Cortisol; a well known stress hormone-is produced in great quantities when a person is under great strain or anxiety? This can, in turn, lead to sleep deprivation, digestive problems, abnormal weight gain, and migraines. But all is not lost as therapeutic massage therapy has the ability to reduce the levels of this hormone in the body, allowing the body a respite and healing follows. Therapy also brings about the lifting of mood and general relaxation.

Maybe you do not know that to increase the overall circulation of blood in the body, therapeutic massage therapy plays a huge role. Due to poor blood circulation in the body, the results might be some diseases and health complications such as aneurysms, strokes, heart attacks, and kidney disease. Hands on pressure helps in moving the blood through the congested and damaged regions of the body. Techniques such as pulling, squeezing, and twisting are what therapies like Swedish massage and deep tissue massage are all about. These techniques lead to Lactic acid being purged from the body, resulting in improved lymph fluid circulation.

Do you know that the most documented source of back, neck and muscle pains is from poor posture? It is a medical fact that the wrong posture, regardless of whether you are seated or standing can lead to chronic pain. Some pains lead the body to position itself into these inappropriate postures. By introducing the body to therapeutic massage therapy, it is possible to return it to its original alignment. Through massage therapy, the body muscles are assisted to return to the original pain-free postures.

If you are constantly stressed, you will be highly susceptible to illnesses and diseases. When this stress is combined with sleep deprivation and the wrong dietary choices, then you have a sure recipe for disaster and the body’s immune system bears the brunt. When this happens, the body’s ability to combat diseases and infections is highly compromised. From consistent massage therapy; there is significant stress reduction apart from increased cytotoxic capacity of the immune system. In other words, the body’s ‘killer cells’ are successfully activated making the immune system more robust. These are just some of the benefits of therapeutic massage therapy to the human body and mind.

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